Monday, May 26, 2014

Using a Timer to Sway your Child to Do Something Else

Its night time, almost time for bed. You tell your kids while they're playing that it's time to clean up, brush teeth, and go to sleep.  Guess what happens? Tantrums. No end to it.

After sometime, we learned something: kids don't follow you just because you said so. At least that's how I see it. Shift your point of view to your kid's for just a minute: would you like it if you're busy saving the world (or blowing it up) when your mom or dad told you that it's time to go to bed? Not likely. You're finally winning and enjoying your time in the spotlight then all of that stopped when your mom or dad steals your thunder and tells you to go to bed. That's not right! We won't stand for it! We need justice! :))

No one likes force directed at them, especially one that forces a change in whatever they are currently enjoying. The natural response is to resist; and for some kids, they have an endless list of what that means. Tantrums. Crying. Shouting. Scratching. Clawing. Kicking (my son has some pretty nasty kicks, powered by those big beefy legs of his). Shouting louder. Destruction. Mayhem. You name it.

When kids enjoy something they're doing right now, they won't stop, and they don't want to stop. At least not right now. Inertia.

At this age when your kids have been socializing a bit, they recognize their self-worth. And they want to have their own authority. And they exert their will to anything and anyone! :) It makes them feel important (because they are but they're just grasping that concept now) and they want to do things their own way and at their own time.

Forcing a change against their will is catastrophic. Believe me I know. Been there, done that, still doin' it from time to time. So no, don't force a sudden change to your kid. Ease him into it. Give him some time to prepare for this change.

That's when we stumbled on this gem of simplicity: a timer.

As playtime is about to end, we told him that he still has 10 minutes which we set on our timer. The next steps that he wanted was that after the alarm goes off, he is to brush his teeth, then weewee, then read one bedtime story book, then listen to a made-up "once upon a time" story, pray, kiss mommy and daddy, milk, then go to sleep. When timer expires and the alarm goes off, he excitedly drops whatever he's doing (as if he's been waiting eagerly for the alarm to sound off finally -- because at this point, he is now READY) and goes to us to brush his teeth.

You don't give in to him and he doesn't give in to you. You compromise. Your kid feels you recognize his/her self-worth by respecting his/her to continue playing for 10 minutes more, giving them enough time to say goodbye to their toys (although they don't actually say it out loud).  And you don't have to suffer through a pointless gauntlet of tantrums, crying, shouting, scratching, whatever.

Just sharing for fellow parents who might be running out of ideas. :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

FAiTH reports PHP 11B in Foreign Aid so far

After the recent backlash received by the Philippine government on the recent relief efforts -- or lack thereof -- the FAiTH eService is launched in the official PH government website. FAiTH, short for Foreign Aid Transparency Hub, can be found here:

As of this writing, the total foreign aid received was a staggering PHP 11,654,775,900. This amount is further broken down to cash, non-cash, and pledged amounts. You can see the detailed report on their site.

Thank you World for all your help and support! >:D<

Now let's all just hope that all of that money is put to good use. This is a good first step in terms of transparency and accountability. The PH government had an embarrassing first week. Now, we're all hoping that Week Two onwards will be much better. #BePositive

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Encounter with Animal Death; Turning Guilt to a Positive Experience

Today, my son had his first experience with the death of an animal. It's not his pet, as we don't have one, but it might as well have been one for him.

It was raining hard the past few days, and as such, snails are coming out of the woodwork. Today was exceptionally sunny, so they took the opportunity to go to the playground. While playing, he came upon a very very small snail. Having just watched Turbo the previous week, he wanted to play with the little snail, which he admiringly called Baby Turbo. He wanted to feel it's tiny shell. But -- as most 3-year-olds -- he does't have full control of his hands and fingers' strength and crushed the poor thing.

He was shocked and asked his Ate "Fix natin si Baby Turbo" (Let's fix Baby Turbo.) He cried. A lot. The same cries he makes when he is emotionally overwhelmed when he knows he did something he shouldn't have done. It was the cry of guilt and sadness. As his dad, I felt and heard the pain in his cries. (Parents, you know this.) And whenever he is reminded of the incident, he cries again. I hugged and comforted him, telling him that it's okay. I tried to redirect his attention first, as it was time for his bath.

While he was taking a bath, I searched the internet for some advise. Most of the things I found are related to kids dealing with death of their pets. While not technically a pet, these are definitely something I can use.

Later, I asked him again what happened to Baby Turbo. He's trying to hold back his tears but is clearly upset. With a sad face and eyes winking back the tears, he tries to change topic. Staying on course, I asked him to look into daddy's eyes. (We're training him to look into our eyes whenever we have to say something serious or important.) I said that I know that he is upset because Baby Turbo died. (Yeah, those internet advise said no sugar coating -- use the word "dead" instead of "passed away".) I said that it's okay to be sad and to remember next time to be more careful. I asked if he wanted to pray for Baby Turbo, to which he immediately clasped his hands in the praying position. (We teach him to pray every day and every night and every meal.) After that I asked him to give me a hug. It took a few tries but when he finally did, I knew that he found a certain amount of comfort in it.

He felt better at least for a bit, but I knew that he is still upset. This experience was weighing heavily on his mind, as it shows in his face and his body language. It's expected, I guess, as he is still in that grieving mode. This is his first grief so I have no idea yet how long his grieving period is going to last. All I can tell is that his crankiness level has increased tenfold but I'm extending my rope; after all, this is a traumatic experience for him. I just let him be and let him express it and deal with it on his own way. I'll just stay on the sidelines for now and observe how he progresses.

11:58 AM, he is about to eat his lunch. Before that he prayed on his own. (Normally we need to remind him to pray first before eating.) He prayed to Papa Jesus to bless the food, the "rice na may sabaw" (rice soaked in soup), and to take care of Ate Keizha (his cousin who just got out of the hospital) and Baby Turbo. As he ate, his crankiness went done several notches. So he was hungry and upset, never a good combination. :))

I'd say things are looking up, taking a turn for the positive. All things considered, something good has come out of this experience. A hard lesson in life (and death) introduced at an early age, and slowly reinforcing the praying habit. And I'm blogging again after another extended hiatus. :D

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Riley's Great Wall of Toys! :D

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"Riley's great wall of toys! :D" 

Monday, September 02, 2013

WWE Raw 2013/08-19 - CM Punk-Paul Heyman Promo

Since I'm taking a break and doing a Raw marathon, I might as well write here another one of CM Punk's promos which is partly a shoot as well. This promo was on the August 19, 2013 edition of Raw (post-Summerslam 2013), where he rips apart one of the booing audience. Ha!

CM Punk: "You know I really don't know what to say right now. There's so much going on upstairs. But what I do know was that Paul Heyman was out here earlier. And Paul Heyman had a lot of things to say that were personal to me. A lot of buttons he pushed…

Sir, you paid your ticket, you want to boo, that's fine. But I dare. I dare you to step in between these ropes. And you will never boo again, because I will render you a toothless, crying heap of a man! I AM PISSED OFF! AND I WANT TO FIGHT! SO IF YOU HAVE THE B@LL$... I DARE YOU, FATSO, STEP UP AND BE A MAN! AND FIGHT CM PUNK!



Paul Heyman says he can give me the WWE title - that's what I want. Paul Heyman says, he can get me the WWE Wrestlemania Main event - that's what I want. And I'm positive in my heart of hearts Paul Heyman, what he really wants, what he really needs, is an apology. Paul, if an apology is what you want… If an apology gets me those things. Then come out here face to face. You may just get what you want…"

{Paul Heyman with Curtis Axel comes out to the ramp.}

CM Punk: "Paul, this is all I know. The doctor says I'm not fit to compete right now, yet here I am in my gear and I'm taped up because this is all I know, this is all I have. And I lost a fight last night. And I've got my ass kicked before and here I am still standing.

The truth is Paul, I AM sorry. I'm sorry that I took my eyes off of Brock Lesnar for a split-second last night just to enact my revenge on you, and I'm sorry that that revenge wasn't enough. I'm sorry I didn't take your arm OFF and take it home with me! I'm sorry that I didn't break your FACE! And I'm sorry that the next time I DO get my hands on you, I'm gonna choke you out and I'm gonna wake you up, I'm gonna spit in your face, and I'm gonna take your arm home with me! And I'm sorry that you think a BEATING is gonna stop me. I am relentless and I will not stop and I don't care who you put in  front of me or what you're trying to do. I'm gonna get my hands on you and I'm gonna get my revenge. And I say, we do it right now in Anaheim.

Come on! Come on! Have the guts that this fat guy over here doesn't have! Step into the ring with CM Punk, and fight me like a man!"

Paul Heyman: "You know, there is an apology that's due this evening. And to be blunt, the apology should come from me. CM Punk, I'm sorry… I'm sorry for what is about to happen to you. Curtis Axel, please go in the back and tape up your hands for a fight.

You have push me too far once too often. I'm not that fat guy sitting in the front row! I can be the worst nightmare you have ever encountered. So help me God if you are still in that ring when we come back from a commercial. Curtis Axel is going to be sent down to that ring by Paul Heyman, and Curtis Axel is going to finish the job that Brock Lesnar started on you."

WWE Raw - #PipeBombshell Transcript

OMG you guys! I just watched last night's episode of Total Divas. And it was insane, oh my gosh. I mean, the Bellas were dealing with their obvious daddy issues… The Funkadactyls broke up and got back together again… Natalya's fiancee isn't much of a man… And the other two were also there… It was great. It really was. And it was the end of the world and it is only Sunday night in theE Network. Aaaaaah….


Do you want to know what I see when I look in that ring, honestly? A bunch of cheap, interchangeable, expendable, useless women. Women who have turned to reality television 'cause they weren't gifted enough to be actresses. And they just weren't talented enough to be champion.

I have done more in one year than all of you have done in your entire collective careers. I have saved your divas division. I have shattered glass ceilings. I have broken down doors. Why? So, so a bunch of ungrateful, stiff, plastic mannequins can waltz on through without even as much as a thank you? You guys can't even go back stage and shake my hand and look me in the eye because you know that I worked my entire life to get here. I gave my life to this and you were just handed fifteen minutes of fame.

I didn't get here because I was cute, or because I come from some famous wrestling family, or because I SUCKED up to the right people. I got here because I am good. I EARNED this championship. And no matter how many red carpets you guys you want to walk in your four thousand dollar ridiculous heels, you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylor's.

You were all worthless excuses for women. And you will never be able to touch me. And THAT is reality.

- AJ Lee

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

JollibeeSG's new policy

Just so that everyone's expectation is set, here's the new "seating policy" from Jollibee in Lucky Plaza. (They're pretty strict on this :)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Kicking it Old School! :))

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Limited Time Only: Efficient Card Mastery Farming in Marvel War of Heroes

While playing through the Deadpool Raid Event in Marvel WoH, I noticed a simple but effective way of "farming" your cards' mastery.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Fix your ATT and DEF decks. Cards within these decks are the candidates for mastery increase. If an unexpected card gets mastered, check the system's "suggested" decks.
  2. Proceed with the latest Raid Event Missions continuously. If you get a Deadpool fight, proceed to step 3.
  3. In the Deadpool fight menu, do the following:
    1. Use Light attack (1RDS);
    2. (Optional)Ask for Support from your team; then
    3. Go back to playing the Raid Event Missions, step 2 above.
Marvel WoH: My Page. Click on "Newest Event Mission"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My First Allergy Scare

  1. Normal evening. Just looking for some things for my bookbinding project.
  2. Yes, I know. It's just a hobby I picked up somewhere. How quaint.
  3. Anyway, I finally found the wax, the threads, the crafting needles, and some bookbinding sticky tape. Found them stashed in of 'em plastic stackable cases. I put them away to a container I frequently use, expecting to do them the next time I'm free. I had to go to bed early as I am on shift the next day.
  4. In hindsight, those stackable cases were pretty dusty. Note to self: clean them later. Need some goggles and a facemask next time I do any cleaning around the house.
  5. As we finished preparing for bed, I turned off the light. It was pitch black all of a sudden. It has to be, so my son can sleep sooner than later.
  6. By this time, my nose was beginning to get really stuffy. I thought nothing of it at the time, recounting my dusty encounter with while looking for my things. My wife decided to get me some stuffy nose meds and water to help clear it up.
  7. Shortly, my eyes have become unbearably itchy. I went out the room to get the eyedrops we have in the fridge, drop some on my eyes, then returned to bed.
  8. It helped, but besides the slight relief, my eyes are still bothering me a lot. I decided I should get another dose of the eye drops.
  9. I went to the toilet first though as it I really needed to pee. Turned the lights on, and saw my face. Holey sheet! My eyes were all puffy and swollen! I got the eyedrops again. Then went back.
  10. Told and showed my wife, we decided to go to the nearest hospital, NUH.
  11. For a while, I had this silly notion that the eyedrops would work just fine, even though my face was really swollen. First time I had that. Denial I guess.
  12. My face reminded me of the vampires in Buffy and Angel. You know, the prosthetic makeup / whatever on the forehead and around the eyes of the vampire actors to make them look, you know, vampirey. Hehehe.
  13. Decent clothes checked, phone checked, money checked, and so is my IC. (Never forget your IC!) Thankfully, a taxi was just unloading some passengers close by. I had to run there though, before he drives away. We got the cab and we got in.
  14. I'm still relaxed for someone in my state, I guess; eyes nearly getting closed, breathing becoming more difficult. The taxi ride was thankfully a short one.
  15. By the time we got to the ENI, I was still pretty calm, my mouth was open because my nose already closed up. I can no longer breathe through my nose.
  16. The nurse there offerred me a wheelchair but I declined. I can still walk, I just can't breathe. In hindsight, another silly idea on my part. That was my chance to finally sit on a wheelchair! Damn! Missed opportunity again. Hehehe
  17. Seriously though, I had to keep my mouth open most of the time. A bit tough for me to talk to the nurses when they examined me. They thought that I got this from taking paracetamol. Good thing the missus was there to check what the nurses were typing in my records.
  18. I wonder what would life be like if I actually am allergic to paracetamol? It's the most common meds for the most common ills. With that out of the picture, I wonder what else I could take?
  19. Just to backtrack a bit. In the NUH Emergency Room, there are some steps: Step 1: temperature check. Step 2: registration and payment (S$100 standard cost). Step 3: Triage (nurse's initial assessment). Step 4: Consultation with doctor (wait for queue number to be called; waiting time that time was 2 to 3 hours). Step 5: Pharmacy and payment of any remaining balance.
  20. In my case, though, I didn't have to wait for my queue number to be called in Step 4. I guess they figured this was already an emergency. They said my BP is quite high. 195/105 or something. I guess that's one effect of not being able to breathe! So from Triage, I went straight to what looks like an ER. Lots of nurses and patients in varying ages, shapes, and conditions.
  21. The nurses back in Triage offered me to sit on the wheelchair but I declined again! Oh well, I'll never get to sit on a wheelchair this round I think.
  22. Back to the story: in that ER, I lied down on one of them fancy hospital beds. It was getting cold so the sheets were a welcome sight.
  23. Nurse gave me six tablets. No idea what they were, they just told me antidote to the swelling and allergies. I'm guessing it's some form of antihistamine. (Thank you, Dr. House! Hehe)
  24. I felt the immediate effect of the tablets. The itch around the eyes disappeared. And my nasal passages have opened up a bit. Big relief!
  25. Shortly, they told me they will give me a big dose of anti-allergy meds via injection. They said it will be extremely painful so it had to be done on the bigger muscles: the thighs.
  26. It's been a while since I got pierced with a needle. First thing that popped in my mind was when I gave a bag of blood for my mother almost a decade ago. The next one that I remember were a series of vaccine shots I got from the local clinic. I was jobless at that time, so I figured it was a good time as any to get myself some shots. Yep, never been vaccinated before. That was my first time. Hehe. All of my previous needles were on the arms or shoulders. Never on the thighs. I wonder what it would be like...
  27. Okay needle's in. I've had bigger needles stuck on me. It was fine. But when the nurse pressed the meds in. Ooooh... It's like acid eating away your flesh from the inside. Yeowchies! Well, they did say it was painful...
  28. Besides the irritating pain on my leg, I feel a lot better. I can now close my mouth as I can now breathe again through my nose. No more itchy eyes. And the swelling has hone down a bit. I was taken to some kind of recovery room. Recovery room had 10 slots, I was in number 5. Doctor told me to rest there until morning, as the antidote I took has that lovely drowsiness effect. Not sure what they were talking about. I was up and lively.
  29. Then again, it just might be the fact that I haven't peed yet for the last few hours. Missed my chance at #9 above.
  30. Good. Peed my worries away. The bed feels a lot softer and more comfortable afterwards. Still not sleepy though. I brought out my phone and used up all my energy in Marvel WoH and I started blogging about this rather fascinating experience.
  31. And just like that it was morning. 6:30. I must have dozed off into a deep, dreamless sleep. I remembered I'm supposed to go to work today. Sent SMS to my boss and to my shift partner, then emailed the rest of the team regarding my MC.Thank God for Mobile Technology!
  32. I was discharged shortly. They gave me a one-day MC, a referral letter to the NUH Dermatology Clinic for follow-up (this seems to be a common practice here), and a prescription slip which I am to take to the Pharmacy (aka Step 5). I hauled my butt off of bed and went straight there. A little anxious as it's really cold and it's raining really hard outside.
  33. Got my medicine from pharmacy. Got 42 tablets of prednisolone (looks like the same one I got earlier in #23) and 10 tablets of loratadine. A quick wiki search says they're anti-inflammatory steroids (yikes) and antihistamine for the allergies, respectively. I have to take 1loratadine and 6 prednisolone in the morning after meal.
  34. I was quickly on my way to the Kent Ridge MRT. I could have been there sooner if I didn't get lost! :)) It was my first time through the NUH grounds so I got to see a lot of eating places before I got to the taxi stand and the MRT.
  35. Got home quickly and nicely. Once I'm in bed I dozed off immediately. I woke up past 12 noon.
  36. A lot of things happened after that, but that is a story for another time. :)